Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress?

What will Kate Middleton look like in her wedding dress?

grey What will Kate Middleton look like in her wedding dress?

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress?

Yesterday, the bridal world had its biggest news in the last 30 years, most likely since Princess Dianna’s wedding.

The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton!

While speculation is rife about what wedding designers Kate will prefer and which style of dress she will choose, here at Satin Bow Bridal we can share with you an image of what Kate may look like on her big day!

A few months ago, Johanna Hehir was asked to select a dress she thought would be suitable for a princess and this would then be photographed on a Kate lookalike for Alison Jackson.

This picture originally came out in the Sunday Times Magazine, then OK Magazine and today, The Daily Mail has once again featured this photograph.

While Kate May not eventually choose a Johanna Hehir Gown, we will be following the story closely and whatever Kate Middleton Wedding Dress combo eventually appears, be sure to check back here for the full photo story!

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    Really beautiful wedding dress and how it look likes Kate dressed it. So cute and simple and elegant. She is so gorgeous with her dress. Perfect!!!


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