Johanna Hehir at Satin Bow Bridal

Johanna Hehir Wedding Dresses

Johanna Hehir is a talented London-based designer with over 20 years' experience. She is known as a forward-thinking haute couture designer and has a well-deserved reputation for creating timeless, highly prestigious collections that truly stand out from the crowd.

Johanna's beautiful bridal gowns are hand-made using the finest French and Italian silks and laces. Her range encompasses a wide range of styles, including many classic looks that Johanna has updated with her unique touch and vision to appeal to today's brides.

We have worked directly with Johanna for many years, and are honoured to be her sole selected stockist for the county of Hertfordshire.

We are also lucky enough to have a couturier who helps with the appliqué at Johanna Hehir, making us uniquely well qualified to help you choose the right gown from her range and oversee any alterations required.

Contact us today to arrange a personal viewing or fitting of Johanna Hehir Wedding Dresses.

Abigail Bridal Gown Evie Bridal Gown
The Abigail Bridal Gown      The Evie Wedding Dress