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Vintage Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a less expensive designer wedding dress for your big day or maybe wedding accessories at a great price, look no further.

All the bridal gowns and vintage wedding dresses shown on this page are ex-samples from leading designers, rather than pre-worn gowns. In these times of financial troubles, a sample wedding gown is a great way to save money but still look heavenly.

As these are sample wedding dresses rather than pre-worn wedding dresses the dress will in most cases be a standard size. Please check often, as cheap wedding dresses are often end of line or unique gowns, so supply is limited and changes fast.

Alterations are available and are carried out by our experienced seamstresses who also work on some of the most famous bridal designers in the United Kindom, so you can trust the gown to fit as well as a gown costing far more.

Ask about our current range of Vintage Wedding Dresses through our web contact page or contact Satin Bow Bridal on 01727 845586 or e-mail to arrange a consultation.

Crystal Vintage Wedding Dress Duchesse Vintage Wedding Dress Roz Vintage Wedding Dress
               Crystal Vintage Wedding Dress        Duchesse Vintage Wedding Dress          Roz Vintage Wedding Dress 

Jennifer Vintage Wedding Dress Grace Vintage Wedding Dress
                      Jennifer Vintage Wedding Dress                             Grace Vintage Wedding Dress
Grace Vintage Wedding Dress Josephine Vintage Wedding Dress Sarah Vintage Wedding Dress
              Grace Vintage Wedding Dress              Josephine Vintage Wedding Dress          Sarah Vintage Wedding Dress