annasul Y by Lusan Mandongus at Satin Bow Bridal

Annasul Y Wedding Dress Collection

annasul Y is the creation of four talented young designers from Hong Kong, working in partnership with Lusan Mandongus.

Their gowns are instantly recognisable for their ultra-glamorous, ultra-retro 1920s feel, with delightfully feminine silhouettes, seductive styling and classic details. The annasul Y look plays on textures and layering effects to create highly distinctive features and an overall sense of sophistication and style.

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Annasul Y Florence Wedding Dress Annasul Y Maggie Wedding Dress Annasul Y Alexandra Wedding Dress
Annasul Y Aria Wedding Dress Annasul Y Clara Wedding Dress Annasul Y Elodie Wedding Dress
Annasul Y Isla Wedding Dress Annasul Y Eden Wedding Dress

Emma Bridal Gown Savannah Bridal Gown Molly Bridal Gown
The Emma Bridal Gown           The Savannah Bridal Gown           The Molly Bridal Gown

Lusan Mandongus LM1835 Hazel Lusan Mandongus LM1914 Georgia Lusan Mandongus LM2072 Chic
    Hazel                                      Georgia                                     Chic